Video Production and Filming

🔘 Course Description This course provides a logical introduction to the study of creative digital media production at this level. Learners gain a grasp of the media sector by analyzing media representations and proposing and developing media initiatives. It provides learners with the chance to study more about the spectrum of creative digital media production […]

Digital Media

🔘 Course Description  Students will learn how to work to a client brief in a specific media industry and the digital skills that go with it. They will select the format and medium for their digital media project and exhibit their creative and technical abilities in the creation of a finished result. They will demonstrate […]

Python for EV3

Do you have a Lego EV3 robot? Are you content to program it using Lego’s quirky icon-based system, or would you want to learn to program it using a textual programming language, such as the sort used by professional coders? If you want to program the EV3 using a textual programming language, Python is your […]

Arts Unit – ABS

In this interdisciplinary unit, students will study the following three subjects 🔹 Drama 🔹 Music 🔹 Arts Drama During this unit, we will be looking at the stories we tell: to our friends, in our families, and in our communities, and how these stories shape us and our identities. Music  Art