STEM with Raspberry Pi

About this course

Learners will have the ultimate exciting experience when they join this course. STEM with Raspberry Pi provides learners with the skills to program a Raspberry Pi with Sense Hat and create their own solutions to real-world problems using Python programming skills. In this course, students will be guided to assemble, program, and test different projects following a hands-on approach. Moreover, learners will use simulators to design their solutions with the variations they can imagine. 

Duration: 30 Hours

Level: Preparatory

Delivery mode: Online, Instructor-led


  • Project 1: Find your Way
  • Project 2: Traffic Light
  • Project 3: Guess the Number
  • Project 4: Magic 8 Ball Game
  • Project 5: Temperature Alert
  • Project 6: Data Logger
  • Project 7: Hangman with Sense Hat