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AI Quintessential offers a range of professional development training courses and workshops for educators and researchers. Take the needs’ assessment to help us tailor the course for you.



Bringing Learners to the Frontline of Creativity and Innovation

Tailored professional development course for all teacher to engage their students in a wonderful learning experience


Action Research

Invest in What you Know to Unleash your Students' Power

Learn how philosophy and methodology can be applied to your social environment for a transformative change 



Innovation Beyond Integration

This course will help Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics teachers bring AI into their lessons in a very interesting achievable way 


AI for K-12

Unlock the Ultimate Potential

A course designed for Computer Science teachers to learn about the AI for K-12 curriculum framework and its implementations strategies and tools  


Personalized Learning

Rethinking Assessment Data Analysis

Assessment data is a rich repository that helps you identify your students’ potential. You will learn how to analyze this data and get the most appropriate findings


AI Cool Tools

Bring AI into Every Lesson

Level up your technology integration! This course is designed for all teachers to learn about how AI technologies can be utilized for the best of the learning process.

Research Courses

Educators, academia, undergraduate and post graduate students need these courses.


Research Skills

Academic research skills for undergraduates, postgraduates, and educators 


Research Data Analysis

Data analysis courses help you analyze data and get sound conclusions

Project Management

Project Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Champions



A CISCO certified course that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit and enables innovation, growth, and prosperity around the world and helps transform the economic and social landscape.


Project Management Professional (PMP)

Industry recognised course for project managers. The course highlights the experience, skills, and competencies required to manage a project successfully. 


Digital Marketing

Marketing is necessary for organisational survival. The digital marketing is considered the   method to improve the organisational reputation and marketing its product.


Risk Management Professional

Managing risks differs from a project to another. However, there are standards measures that need to be implemented regardless of the project’s dynamicity and complexity.