CSCI5.5 End of Module 5 Project

Cryptology is the science of making and breaking secret codes. It is a way to store and transmit data so only the intended recipient can read or process it. Discover Crypt, is a game designed to introduce a beginner level amount of knowledge to those intrested about learning cryptology. Discover Crypt is targeted for all those wanting to learn, but is great for those wanting to use cryptology in a career, […]

CSCI3.4 End of Module 3 Project

Social engineering is a broad range of malicious activities accomplished by psychologically manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. In this lab, you will explore social engineering techniques, sometimes called human hacking, which is a broad category for different types of attacks. Part 1: Explore Social Engineering Techniques through CSSIA The National Support […]

CSCI4.3 End of Module 4 Project

In this project, you will create a website that includes tips on how to prevent and avoid cyberbullying, as well as how to act if a cyberbullying incident happens. Your website may look something like this:

CSCI1.4 End of Module 1 Project

In this project, you will learn how your presence in cyberspace and your online activities contribute to your digital “footprint”. You will then learn how to use critical thinking skills to limit the exposure of your footprint. Part 1: Understanding the meaning of Digital Footprint Watch this video to understand the meaning of digital footprint. […]