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By the end of this course students will be able to:

– Understand how computers consume data, transform data, and produce new data, allowing users to create new information or knowledge to solve problems through the interpretation of those data
– Understand how programmers integrate algorithms and abstraction to create programs
for creative purposes and to solve problems
– Use multiple program statements in a specified order, making decisions, and repeating the same process multiple times are the building blocks of programs.
– Incorporate elements of abstraction—by breaking problems down into interacting pieces, each with their own purpose—to make writing complex programs easier.
– Understand how programmers need to think algorithmically and use abstraction to define and interpret processes that are used in a program.
– Understand how the Internet can be used to send and receive information and ideas throughout the world through a series of protocols.
– Understand the requirements needed to use computing safely and responsibly such as being aware of privacy, security, and ethical issues.

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Module 1: Digital Data and Information
Module 2: Algorithms
Module 3: Programming
Module 4: The Internet
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Lesson Content
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