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By the end of this workshop, trainees will be able to:

1. Identify the AR as a technology that adds digital elements to an existing environment to create a specified scene or case

2. Identify the VR as a technology that creates a digital environment with elements characters and to create a specified scene or case

3. Identify different AR & VR applications in different domains and sectors

4. Discuss the difference between AR & VR technologies

5. Discuss how AR & VR technologies work

6. Discuss the benefits of AR & VR in education field

7. Discuss the safety concerns of using AR & VR concerns for children

8. Discuss how AR & VR can be used in classrooms for: Assessment, labs, storytelling and modeling.

9. Demonstrate some AR/VR platforms designed for education and teaching

10. Create different AR & VR projects for different purposes such as quizzes, games, storytelling, 

End of Course Project