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Course Objectives

  1. Understand the basic concepts of assessment in education
  2. Prepare assessment data for analysis
  3. Perform descriptive statistical data analysis
  4. Perform inferential statistical data analysis
  5. Visualise data and create dashboards to present data analysis results
  6. Write assessment data analysis reports and share them with stakeholders

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic arithmetic skills (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, average)
  • Basic commands and functions in Microsoft Excel (Excel formulae construction, menus, tabs, editing and formatting)
  • Basics of statistics

Study Plan

The time needed to complete this course is 25 hours including the practical assignments and the end of course assessment.The following is a suggested study plan based on the estimated time required for the topics in each module. Durations may slightly vary depending on the learner’s competency and skills in using MS Excel.

Course Evaluation

  • Self-Check: Each lesson includes a self-check point to keep learners aware of the main concept of the lesson. These are ungraded questions and meant to help you check on understanding the main concept of each topic.
  • Practical Assignments: Two practical assignments need to be completed by learners and uploaded through the Learning Management System. Each practical assignment worth 20% of the course final mark.
  • End of Course Assessment: By the end of the course, learners need to complete the final assessment as part of the course requirements. The assessment is designed to cover the main concepts delivered throughout the course. The final assessment worth 60% of the course final mark.

The passing score is 75%