Artificial Intelligence by Husam Al Daja- Grade 11

My name is Husam Saud Hamad Aldajah. I am 16 years of age and I was born and raised in the United States in the city of Chicago.

I’ve always all my life been curious about the world and loved learning. I currently reside in the UAE in the city of Alain. I go to Al Ittihad national private school Alain branch and am proud to be in the Artificial Intelligence initiative initiated by Mr.Shady our head of curriculum.

I love Artificial Intelligence and hope through all my efforts and work dedicated towards Artificial intelligence studies that I would come up with a way to use Artificial intelligence to make our school more advanced and efficient and from there some day change the world through the lens of Artificial intelligence.

AI which is short for Artificial Intelligence means every aspect of learning or intelligence that can be so precisely described that a machine will be made to simulate it.  An attempt will be made to find out  how to use languages, forms, abstracts, and concepts to problem solve and improve itself. AI has a important impactful use in our society as 86% of companies already use AI, as well as most of use AI in our everyday lives. Examples of uses of AI include: self driving cars, Siri, Google, and all social media platforms. In this Article I will explain what classifies robots or machines as AI, how Artificial intelligences works, and how AI will benefit humans over all. As we know AI is used at extraordinary extant in today’s time, but have we harnessed AI’s true potential? Have we reached the highest point of Ai research and use? According to most scientists and researchers we haven’t even scratched the surface of AI.

In order for a robot or machine to be classified as artificially intelligent it needs to have the following 3 abilities such as general learning, reason, and problem solve. Many researches predict that AI will replace humans in performing many tasks in almost every field, due to the fact  AI is able to reason, problem solve, and generally learn which is the requirements needed to perform most tasks.

To understand AI we need to understand how it works. AI uses deep learning and machine learning in order to be artificially intelligent. Deep learning is an artificial simulation of a brain cell in that it mimics how a human brain thinks by creating artificial neurons.Machine learning uses deep learning in countless complex mathematical algorithms to retrieve knowledge, reason, and problem solve to self improve.

AI as research predicts will take over many jobs people today perform and some may see this as a negative consequence of using AI but rather, by investing and using AI there will be approximately 114 million jobs created with 70 million lost. By using AI we provide 40 million more jobs as well as make humanity’s life becomes more efficient and advanced. Through AI we can find endless discoveries and who knows maybe AI is the key to solving the theory of everything. So there is no reason not to invest and learn about AI as it has a huge economic, scientific, medical, and technological value.

I believe AI will make the world a better place, because AI’s contribution is what humanity needs to reach their highest potential in almost all aspects of life, ultimately bringing tomorrow’s technology today.