AIQ Digest

November 2021. Vol 1. Issue 1.

A Special Edition in Collaboration with
Al Ittihad National Private School
Al Ain- United Arab Emirates

Shady El Kassas
Director of Innovation at INPSAA

Shady said that technology has already proved to be an effective tool in the classroom for assisting teachers. Artificial intelligence can be used for tasks that once took up a massive amount of a teacher's time and energy. Grading tests, for example, once took teachers hours or days of painstakingly going through each exam. Now, programs can make that process completely automated.


Artificial Intelligence

Husam Al Dajah

Industry 4.0, Entrepreneurship, and Artificial Intelligence

Ahlem Chatti


Artificial Intelligence in Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition

Nada El Haj Youssef

AI and Education
Milestones and Aspirations

Mamdouha Itani

The impact of teaching programming and artificial intelligence in defining and developing students’ 21st-century skills

Osama Marei
Head of ICT Dept.