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The first in-person event of the year with inspiring speakers will talk about AI education, AI Ethics, STEM/STEAM, innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications in different sectors and more. The marvellous event will ensure delegates go away with skills to continue to push the boundaries in teaching and learning and bring the standard of quality to a higher level. Delegates will also have a chance to network with fellow educators during the event, coffee break and lunch.



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AI Quintessential works from the heart of England with global reach and adheres to its mission of providing high quality academic resources, products, and services. The core competencies of our team or experts are evolved around solid experience in the field of computing education and the utilisation of the state-of-the-art technologies to create a unique learning experience for each student.

  • We nurture the thirst for what we value the most, learning!
  • We believe that learners of today are the leaders of tomorrow.
  • We commit to contribute to the digital transformation and prepare a generation of leaders who can shape the future and meet the needs of the job market locally and globally.