Course Description

This course is designed for intellectual learners who want to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and they can be used to solve real-world problems. The course is offered in a series of projects that allow them dive into the world of AI and ML in a thoughtful manner. Learners with basic Python programming background will learn how to create different Machine Learning models and test them using real data. 

Age Group: 15-18 Years Old

Level: Progress


Module 1: Introduction to AIML

Lesson 1: Introduction to AI-ML

Lesson 2: Python for Machine Learning

Lesson 3: Exploratory Data Analysis EDA


Module 2: Machine Learning

Lesson 1: Supervised Learning

Lesson 2: Ensemble Techniques

Lesson 3: Unsupervised Learning

Lesson 4: Decision Trees

Lesson 5: Model Tuning


Module 3: Deep Learning

Lesson 1: Neural Networks

Lesson 2: Computer Vision

Lesson 3: Natural Language Processing